Why Morsø?

MORSO represents QUALITY

MORSØ can boast something we believe no other stove manufacturer can boast……With more than 160 years of experience in Cast Iron Production we think it is safe to say that Morsø have truly successfully completed their apprenticeship.

Quality Range

  • The extensive range of MORSØ Stoves that are available highlight the thinking and heart of The MORSØ Brand.
  • MORSØ are a company that are moving forward and in tune with the trends and fashions of Today and into the Future
  • The choices available reflect this way of thinking, Morsø have a stove suitable  for any home, be it a traditional home or a more modern home, there is a MORSØ for every one.
  • MORSØ have a confidence in themselves and their products and that confidence is seen in the fast growing extensive range of products now available including the Outdoor Range MORSØ Living.

Quality Control

  • Morsø stoves are Hand Built by One person per assembly line with pride and precision giving inbuilt quality control.

  • Morsø are proud of the 98% recycled cast iron and 100% recycled packaging used in the production of the stoves. Morsø’s exacting standards for high quality means a higher rejection rate of cast components ensuring the best finish possible.

  • During the production process Morsø pressure test 1 in 20 of their stoves for leakage. If the stove integrity is in doubt the previous 19 stoves are tested and reworked as required.

  • All Morsø stoves have been independently tested for suitability of use with 12mm hearth plates.

    *except for the DB15

Quality Components

  • Morsø stoves have chrome iron cast internal components such as, baffles, grates, fuel retainers etc. this being superior and longer lasting than normal cast iron gives an extended life expectancy for the internals of the stove.
  • Morsø stoves use rope gasket and not fire cement to seal joints allowing the stove to expand and contract without leaking or loosing integrity, giving a more controlled burn.

Quality Combustion Technology

  • MORSO  work diligently towards producing environmentally friendly stoves with a huge percentage of stoves DEFRA approved for smokeless zones. All of which meet the DEFRA requirement without the need for any additional kits or modification.
  • MORSO continue to work towards a cleaner burn and a higher efficiency, with many stoves having secondary and tertiary air introduction burning off more of the smoke and gases.
  • In addition the heated air drawn through the cast iron channels provide an air wash for the glass and keeps it clean, clear and free from soot.

Quality Design

  • MORSØ have the confidence in their design to give a 10 year guarantee on all their cast iron stoves, they know that they are designed to last.
  • MORSØ have used renowned designers to help move the look of the stove into the 21st century given increasingly more glass on the stoves with a greater all round flame picture.
  • The modern modular upright stoves give even  more choices for the customer with a variety of  different bases to choose from and the even the choice of a wall hung stove.