The Launch of the new Morsø Dealers Ireland Web Site

The Launch of the new Morsø Dealers Ireland Web Site

Welcome to the new Morsø Dealers Ireland web site, I hope you will be as excited as us at this launch of an updated  web site and the exciting story of Morsø in Ireland.


As agents for Morsø in Ireland we see how important it is to embrace the island of Ireland, the people of Ireland  and the changing, challenging market in Ireland. This website has been built to run along side and in parallel with the main Morsø UK web site where you will find full details of all the Morsø stoves, specification and technical information.


We have not endeavoured to replicate this but rather show you a selection of the amazing Morsø stoves as a glimpse of what Morsø have to offer. The Morsø Dealers Ireland web is different in that it gives you a window into the Morsø dealers  themselves, it tells you something about the dealerships and gives you directions on where to find your local dealer.


We emphasis the importance of why to buy from an authorised dealer all of whom are trained in the products and understand the high quality and value of a Morsø stove. We recommend that you use your local dealer as a source of information and advice for all your stove needs, from assessing your requirements through to installation and follow up care. Of course you will be helping support you local businesses and economy at the same time which is another added bonus.


We hope you enjoy browsing the web and getting a ‘picture’ of the Morso Dealerships in Ireland and that you will, as we have, fall in love with the Morsø Stove and see it as an essential addition to the family home. It is a stove built not just for heat, comfort, quality and beauty but it is a stove with a ‘soul’ carrying a pedigree of more than 160 years of careful craftsmanship.


Welcome to Morsø Dealers Ireland