Authorised Morsø Dealers

Authorised Morsø Dealers

A simple answer to the question as to why you should buy a Morsø stove from an authorised Morsø dealer would be …..

ONLY an authorised dealer can give the customer a full 10 year guarantee on a cast iron, wood burning stove and a 5 year guarantee on a steel stove and that is in fact very true and very important, however there is much more to it than that.


Morsø have a tremendous confidence in their brand, the quality of their products and in those who they allow to sell their products. Behind every Morsø stove lies over 160 years of stove development and quality control is an integral part of the production process. Therefore it is equally important that Morsø hand pick the dealers to whom they pass on the immense responsibility of supplying stoves to. With this in mind the Morsø stove dealers are chosen for their knowledge and expertise in selling wood burning stoves and their excellent customer service.


When you buy a Morsø stove it is a choice for life and we want that to be the right choice for you the customer.


Our Morsø dealers are trained to give you the correct information needed for you to be able to purchase a stove to suit your particular home. With experience in almost every type of home installation including Long Boats and Tents the Morsø Dealer is there to help. Also they are able to give you advice on other related issues such as the best type of fuel to burn, how to check the moisture content of the wood, health and safety precautions in regard to a carbon dioxide monitor, maintenance of the stove and even how to light your new stove.


The authorised dealer will be able to give you follow-up care and supply you with spare parts for your stove as this stove will be an investment for your home and a choice for life.


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10 Year Warranty

Buying from an Official Morsø Dealers means a 10 Year Warranty for your stove.

Trained Dealers

All official Morsø Dealers are trained to know the product and whats best for you.

Official Spare Parts

You can only purchase Morsø spare parts from an official Morsø dealer.


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